Ed speaking in China

Ed is frequently asked to serve as a keynote for conferences and private events, inside and outside of healthcare. Ed has spoken around the world to include North America, South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He does a limited amount of engagements as part of his work role. However, when requests are outside of his normal work responsibilities, he takes time off and speaks on his own as an independent business. Ed can cover a variety of topics and there are several examples listed below of the most popular requests. Additionally, Ed can work with you to create a customized talk based on your specific requirements.


  • Speaking topics can be combined or new content developed to fit your needs
  • Topics with * are the most requested

*Do You Have what it Takes? How to Affirmatively Answer the Question that Haunts Every Leader


What got you here won’t get you where your organization needs to go.  Now more than ever, the skills you must cultivate are more Wall Street/Silicon Valley then Main Street/General Hospital. Will you help lead your organizations transformation or will you hold on to the past and be left behind? Leveraging examples from Davie’s Award winning Texas Health Resources, CIO of the Year Edward Marx will share how he and his team continue to influence their organizations success through a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and compelling vision.



  • Identify future versus present, skills requirements
  • Learn five practical steps you can take now to proactively shape your culture
  • Discuss practical examples of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Formulate a plan of action to fill in identified skill gaps
  • Understand the difference between title and influence


*The Lost Art of Mentoring

Inspirational and Practical Guide to Begin Mentoring Today


Effective mentoring is key for high performing organizations and individuals. Drawing from intimate examples, Marx shares how mentoring saved his career, marriage and even his life. Packed with powerful truths and practical steps, he covers how to restore the lost art for individuals as well as for corporations.



  • Learn how to set up a mentoring program for your organization
  • Identify the 5 key traits of effective mentoring relationships
  • Study example contracts and curriculum you can use for mentoring



*Creating and Sustaining Innovation


Everyone talks about innovation, few actually innovate. Leveraging real examples from his teams, Marx shares how to make innovation happen in any organization. Beginning with culture and ending with leadership, this talk is packed full of practical steps you can apply and help make innovation happen. Marx’s organizations have won numerous awards for innovation that positively impact business and clinical outcomes.



  • Identify examples of successful innovation case studies
  • Describe the present state of innovation in healthcare IT
  • Describe innovation as culture not project
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Identify internal & external sources for innovation inspiration
  • Discuss innovation as culture, not a project
  • Share formal & informal innovation management processes
  • Communicate lessons learned
  • Stimulate ideas to jump start innovation



Brand or be Branded


We all have a personal brand. Most of us don’t know it. We let others determine our brand for us. Learn how to create and sustain your own unique brand. Using personal and other examples, Marx will share how you can create your own brand or revitalize your current brand if needed.



  • Identify the 7 key traits of an effective personal brand
  • Review examples of effective and non-effective brands
  • Learn the subtle techniques used by effective personal brand managers


*Delighting Customers


When Marx took his first CIO position, the CEO mandate was simple. Deliver exceptional IT services at a lower cost. In four years, Marx’s team had quadrupled their customer satisfaction scores with over 80% satisfied and highly satisfied users, taking them from lowest ranked department to highest. A Gartner case study, Marx leveraged the same principles in his next role. Few were surprised when IT came out on top of their organizations physician satisfaction survey. An amazing 96% of clinicians reported satisfaction or high satisfaction with IT.



  • Identify key action steps to create a customer centric culture
  • Hear how simple service principles led to transformation
  • Create your own plan to ensure high impact customer service



Connected/Mobile Health


Marx shares the latest research and experience in the realm of mobile health. In this provocative presentation, Marx will discuss the intersection of technology, healthcare and consumerism and how the future transformation of healthcare will be driven by mobility.



  • Discuss current trends in mobile health
  • Study numerous examples of successful implementations
  • Cultivate ideas for effective consumer engagement



Leadership Lessons of Kilimanjaro


In 2011, Marx led a rag tag team of physicians and executives to the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro. Using pictures of the journey, Marx weaves in the key attributes that enabled success. What the team did not expect was to build a medical clinic in a nearby remote village that still operates today. While they intended to see changed lives, the real transformation came from within the team members themselves.



  • Learn how to drive execution out of vision
  • Study effective ways to overcome obstacles including language and culture
  • Be inspired and motivated to do the things you never dreamed possible

*Beyond the Clouds

Lessons Learned Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains


The peaks we face are many and daunting. Drawing on his experiences climbing some of the world’s highest peaks, you will hear the leadership, teamwork and individual skills required to embrace the valleys and scale the cliffs. Applied, these skills will take you to the summit and beyond, both personally and professionally. Marx’s expeditions have had a 100% success rate, unheard of in the world of climbing. This talk is both inspirational and a call to action.

A Time to Lead

Identifying and Executing Business Strategies


Most CIOs were taught to leverage technology to support the business, but to never embark on a strategy without a business sponsor. Today’s environment demands a new approach. Sometimes the CIO must lead the business strategy. The CIO is uniquely positioned to identify and see the business challenges while understanding the technology options to address them.  Waiting for C-Suite peers to take action could lead to missed opportunities. Waiting for C-Suite peers can sometimes lead to significant rework downstream. When is the appropriate time to step forward and lead the business?



  • Identify key traits of effective post-modern leaders and how to apply these in your organization
  • Review working models of IT leadership across business units
  • Learn real world examples of a CIO leading and executing the business strategy and see resulting outcomes



It Takes Two to Tango

Collaboration Techniques to Ensure Effective Teams


Drawing on the art of Argentine Tango, Marx will discuss effective team building and collaboration techniques. With his dance partner and wife Simran, they will show how opposing forces can leverage each other’s strengths to be a stronger force united. Both entertaining and informative, they will have everyone dancing by the end of the program.



  • Learn 4 techniques for effective teamwork
  • Observe how dance is analogous to sound teamwork
  • Create an atmosphere of fun and exploration by looking at teamwork through a unique perspective


*The Balanced Life


Can you have it all? We often think of the balanced life as a myth, a highly sought after but unachievable goal. We often sacrifice important things in our life only to fall short of our desired outcome. Learn what one executive has done for the last 25 years to help ensure a semblance of a balanced life. Marx has taught these principles and techniques nationally and abroad to a wide variety of executives, often accompanied by his wife Simran.

This session can be given in a traditional “speech format” or a four hour hands-on practical. Attendees will leave the elongated session with a working model of their personal strategic plan to use as a guide towards achieving the balanced life.



  • Develop a simple yet profound written plan for your life
  • Learn the key principles required for a balanced life
  • Identify specific values to focus on


Healthcare IT Trends


Routinely updated to reflect current trends, Marx shares his thoughts and analysis on the current state of healthcare IT and the technologies that can help create a competitive edge that ultimately leads to transformation.



  • Identify the latest trends in healthcare IT
  • Learn how new technologies are transforming healthcare
  • Discover resources you can leverage so you remain current

*Extraordinary Tales of a Rather Ordinary Life


Taken from his forthcoming book of the same title, Marx shares real stories from his life that were enabled by 10 principles anyone can adopt. The youngest of seven, born of holocaust survivors, Marx had an auspicious upbringing in Bavaria. Raised with a wooden spoon and not much else, he knew fate did not rule his future, but he could shape his journey. Despite humble beginnings and average qualities, Marx has experienced life in a way never imagined, except in his heart. These are true stories collected over his first fifty years. May they inspire you to believe, whatever your present circumstances, that extraordinary tales await. Even for those like him. The average.



IT Governance 2.0


Governance is recycled and remains ineffective. It is time to blow-up the old frameworks and adopt a radically new approach. Marx shares insights on how he and his team reengineered Governance to enable effective utilization of precious resources while ensuring alignment with key business strategies.



  • Learn a new approach to Governance that you can adopt in your organization
  • Understand the pitfalls associated with the old frameworks and why they can never work

Identity and the Leader

Marx is an award winning CIO, and a highly respected senior IT leader both within and outside of the health care industry. He and his teams have won numerous accolades for their business minded approach. Collectively there is a strong culture that believes providing a solid technology foundation for their health care system positively impacts patient safety and the quality of care.  As Marx likes to say, “What we do saves lives”.

What is his winning formula and what are the contributing factors to his IT organization’s success? Marx will share his experiences and insights with you. He’ll discuss how identity is a tricky thing. What is it? How is it formed? How does it impact who we are as individuals and what we value in the performance of others? These are all key questions that he has personally addressed and he will share his insights with you. He explains that our education and corporate development systems are geared toward churning out star players and professionals who derive their identity and self-worth from how they compare to, outrank and outperform their peers.  Marx will highlight how identity must be rooted in core values that never change. And that building an identity as a senior leader must be focused on establishing effective teams and mentoring future leaders to do likewise.


  • Identify the four false identities most of us carry
  • Participate in self-reflection to determine where you receive your identity
  • Set a path towards finding your true identity

Taking Your Career to the Next Level

When it comes to exploring new ways to look at health information technology and your leadership role in it, Ed Marx will tell you what got you to your current position won’t get you where you need to go. Today’s IT leaders need a stronger sense of innovation and dynamism to reach their goals. Further, there’s a clear demand for dynamic, insightful and inspiring leaders who are forward-thinking in the way they position an organization for the future.

A practical session, Ed will first cover the academic theory of the new business savvy leadership competencies required for success before covering each one in-depth with real-world examples. Following each competency, attendees will have time to reflect and write down 1-2 action steps they can take to fill any gaps. At the end of the session, participants will have a written competency based plan to implement for themselves and their teams.



  • Understand the “new normal” and its impact on leadership
  • Learn the competencies required to be a business savvy leader
  • Develop a written plan with action items to fill any competency gaps
  • Encourage participants to invest time in developing themselves to avoid obsolescence

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